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1. A machining tool for performing cutting operation on an inner periphery of a workpiece including an opening to form a plurality of machined surfaces, the machining tool comprising:
a tool body configured to be driven to rotate around an axis line;
a plurality of cutting tools configured to rotate together with the tool body;
a cartridge configured to be attached to the tool body so as to advance and retreat along the axis line; and
a cam configured to come into contact with a proximal end surface of the cartridge to thereby cause the cartridge to advance and retreat,
at least one of the plurality of cutting tools being attached to the cartridge; wherein
the cam has a circular arc surface extending along an outer circumference of a circular arc and a cut surface formed by cutting off a segment of the circular arc, and the cam is configured to rotate around a center of the circular arc as a center of rotation so that the circular arc surface and the cut surface are selectively brought into contact with the proximal end surface of the cartridge,
the cartridge is advanced when the circular arc surface comes in contact with the proximal end surface, and
the cartridge is retreated when the cut surface comes in contact with the proximal end surface.