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Precision machine tool
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1. A precision machine tool that uses a tool to perform precision machining on a workpiece comprising:
a tool support configured to support the tool;
a moving mechanism actively coupled to the tool support wherein the moving mechanism moves the tool support;
a controller operatively coupled to the tool wherein the controller is configured to provide machining commands to the tool according to a machining program for machining a workpiece with a machining accuracy in an order of 10 nanometers or less; and
one or a plurality of imaging devices fixed to the tool support or the moving mechanism, wherein the one or a plurality of imaging devices each have an imaging unit that is operatively coupled to the controller to position the image unit to capture an image of a machining point specified by the machining program on the workpiece with respect to the tool, wherein each imaging unit comprises
at least one objective lens located at a proximal end of the imaging unit;
an image sensor located distal of the at least one objective lens,
wherein the imaging unit is positioned to capture an image of the machining point having a length per pixel of 0.03 mm or less.