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Composite equal additive manufacturing method
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1. A composite equal additive manufacturing method, comprising the following steps:
S1, obtaining molten metal by using a metal smelting device;
S2, storing the molten metal flowing out from the metal smelting device in an intermediate container, and transferring the molten metal stored in the intermediate container into a crystallizer below through a gate when the molten metal flowing into the intermediate container meets a forming amount of a part to be formed;
S3, controlling the crystallizer to cool the molten metal from a liquid state to a solid-liquid mixed state, and enabling a blank body with a required section to flow out from an outlet of the crystallizer;
S4, arranging one or more pairs of plastic forming tools at a bottom of the outlet of the crystallizer, and performing hot machining on the blank body with fluidity by the one or more pairs of plastic forming tools;
S5, enabling the blank body after plastic forming to descend under an action of self gravity, wherein a chuck is used for clamping and fixing a lower end of a cooled and solidified blank body, and the blank body that is fixed descends along a guide sleeve on a machine frame;
S6, performing local machining or finishing on the blank body on the chuck after the plastic forming by using one or more point forming machines, and simultaneously, adjusting and controlling a temperature of a machining part by using a temperature control device, so as to obtain a formed part with a locally deformed structure; and
S7, after the formed part is formed, supporting the formed part by the chuck, enabling the formed part to descend to a bottom of the machine frame, and taking the formed part out from the machine frame.