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1. Casting equipment (1) for continuous or semi continuous casting melt (15) of molten aluminum or aluminum alloy into a cast product (80) comprising
a supply reservoir (10) for supplying the melt (15),
a distribution reservoir (20) for distributing melt to a casting apparatus (25),
wherein the casting apparatus (25) has an inlet for the melt (15) from the distribution reservoir (20) for producing the cast product (80),
a supply conduit (30) fluidly connecting the supply reservoir (10) and the distribution reservoir (20),
an electromagnetic pump (35) provided on the supply conduit (30) and operable to generate a force/pressure in the melt (15) flowing through the supply conduit (30),
a level sensor (40) for measuring a surface level (h3, h1) of the melt (15) in the distribution reservoir (20) and/or in the supply reservoir (10) and for outputting a corresponding level signal,
a controller operably connected to the pump (35) and the level sensor (40),
wherein the supply conduit (30) is sealed or sealable from a pressure of the atmosphere,
wherein the controller is configured to control an operation of the pump (35) based on the level signal from the level sensor (40), and
wherein, at least during a steady-state casting operation, the casting equipment (1) is configured such that the supply reservoir (10), the supply conduit (30) and the distribution reservoir (20) form a supply siphon, wherein the supply conduit (30) defines a flow path that is configured to have a point (a1) that is higher than a surface of the melt (15) in the supply reservoir (10) and/or the distribution reservoir (20), and the pump (35) is operated by the controller where the surface level (h3) of the melt (15) in the distribution reservoir (20) represents an input pressure of melt (15) entering the casting apparatus (25) to control the pressure of the melt (15) in the melt inlet of the casting apparatus (25),
wherein the supply reservoir (10) and the distribution reservoir (20) are in direct fluid connection via a bypass valve (11) that can be opened and closed, and wherein the bypass valve (11) is a gate valve or dam.