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Vapor phase deposition of organic films
Viljami J. Pore, Helsinki (FI); Marko Tuominen, Helsinki (FI); and Hannu Huotari, Helsinki (FI)
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1. An apparatus for organic film deposition, comprising:
a vessel configured for vaporizing an organic reactant to form a reactant vapor;
a reaction space configured to accommodate a substrate and in selective fluid communication with the vessel; and
a control system configured to:
maintain the reactant in the vessel at or above a temperature A;
maintain the substrate at a temperature B, the temperature B being lower than the temperature A;
maintain a difference in pressure between a pressure within the vessel and a pressure in the reaction space, wherein the pressure within the vessel is higher than the pressure in the reaction space, and wherein the difference in pressure is less than 80 Torr;
transport the reactant vapor from the vessel to the substrate; and
deposit an organic film on the substrate while maintaining the difference in pressure.