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Mineral processing
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1. A method of processing a mixture of minerals including the steps of:
(a) providing a mixture of minerals which includes a metal containing mineral and one or more unwanted gangue minerals;
(b) achieving a contact between the mixture of minerals and polymeric material that includes a mineral binding moiety which selectively binds to the metal containing mineral;
(c) separating the gangue minerals and the polymeric material which has the metal containing mineral bound thereto; and
(d) releasing the metal containing mineral from the polymeric material, wherein step b) includes the substeps of:
i) introducing a collector compound to the mixture of minerals, wherein the collector compound includes the mineral binding moiety and a polymer attachment moiety;
ii) selectively binding the collector compound to the metal containing mineral; and
iii) attaching the collector compound to a polymer using the polymer attachment moiety; in which in sub-step iii) the collector compound is attached to the polymer by a covalent bond formed by a SN2 nucleophilic reaction between the polymer attachment moiety and a surface group of the polymer;
wherein the polymeric material includes either a methacrylate polymer or a silane polymer.