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Coal and gangue separation device
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1. A coal and gangue separation device, comprising:
a first supporting seat;
a cantilever shaft;
a guide part; and
a plurality of stock bins;
wherein the guide part is hinged with the first supporting seat; the guide part rotates in a vertical direction; and inlets of the plurality of stock bins are sequentially distributed on a rotation track of a movable end of the guide part;
wherein the cantilever shaft is horizontally mounted on the first supporting seat; a fixed end of the guide part is connected with the cantilever shaft; and the guide part rotates around the cantilever shaft;
wherein the guide part is composed of a plurality of cantilever grate bars hinged with the cantilever shaft; each of the cantilever grate bars is provided with a corresponding grate bar driving mechanism; and the grate bar driving mechanisms are used to drive the corresponding cantilever grate bars to rotate around the cantilever shaft.