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Assay cartridg for molecular diagnosis
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1. An assay cartridge used in a PCR-based molecular diagnostic device, comprising
(1) an elongated body having a proximal end, a distal end and a plurality of compartments arranged between the proximal end and the distal end, said plurality of compartments includes at least
a first pipette tip holder near the proximal end, and
a second pipette tip holder near the distal end; and
(2) a seal assembly covering the elongated body comprising
a rigid frame which matches the top periphery of the elongated body, and
an elastic top mounted on the rigid frame, the elastic top comprising
a first sub-portion near the proximal end comprising a first ring structure that matches the first pipette holder, and
a second sub-portion near the distal end comprising a second ring structure that matches the second pipette holder,
wherein the compartments near the proximal end and the first pipette tip holder are arranged as a radiation pattern;
wherein the first sub-portion and/or the second sub-portion of the elastic top has a circular ripple structure; and
wherein the plurality of compartments further includes at least a PCR reaction well near the distal end, and the assay cartridge further comprises a slidable lid removably covering the PCR reaction well.