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Systems, devices and methods for microfluidic analysis
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
a first layer defining a first opening, a second opening, and a microfluidic channel that establishes a fluid communication path between the first opening and the second opening, the first layer being substantially transparent;
a second layer coupled to the first layer, and the second layer being partially opaque,
wherein the first layer is a top portion of the apparatus and the second layer is a bottom portion of the apparatus;
wherein the first opening is larger than the second opening and is configured to receive a fluid, and the second opening is configured to vent air out of the apparatus as the microfluidic channel is filled with the fluid;
wherein a height of the microfluidic channel decreases continuously from the first opening to the second opening, or a side of the microfluidic channel formed in the first layer defines a set of steps such that a height of the microfluidic channel decreases in a step-wise manner from the first opening to the second opening; and
wherein reagents including at least one of lysing agents and contrast agents are disposed throughout a length of the microfluidic channel.