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Catalyst compositions and their use in aromatic alkylation processes
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1. A process for producing a mono-alkylated aromatic compound comprising the steps of:
(a) providing a guard bed having a guard bed catalyst disposed therein, said guard bed catalyst comprises a first catalyst composition comprising a first zeolite having a BEA* framework type and a second zeolite having a MOR framework type and a mesopore surface area of greater than 30 m2/g as measured by BET that is selected from the group consisting of EMM-34, UZM-14, and a combination thereof;
(b) supplying at least a portion of an untreated feed stream to said guard bed, said untreated feed stream comprising an alkylatable aromatic compound and undesirable impurities, wherein said impurities comprise at least one compound having at least one of the following elements: nitrogen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, arsenic, selenium, tellurium, phosphorus, and Group 1 through Group 12 metals;
(c) contacting said portion of said untreated feed stream of step (b) with said guard bed. catalyst to remove at least a portion of said impurities and produce a treated feed stream having a reduced amount of impurities; and
(d) contacting at least a portion of said treated feed stream of step (c) and an alkylating agent stream with an alkylation catalyst which is the same as said guard bed catalyst under suitable at least partially liquid phase reaction conditions to alkylate at least a portion of said alkylatable aromatic compound with said alkylating agent stream to produce an effluent stream comprising said mono-alkylated aromatic compound and poly-alkylated aromatic compounds.