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Method and device with interface for manufacturing a customised product
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1. A device for the manufacturing of a custom product by mixture of at least two components located in a respective container, at least one component being an active component contained in a capsule, and at least one component being a base component in a pot including a nozzle pump, at least one of the said containers comprising an identification code, the device comprising:
a mixing device;
a selection and dosing device of at least one base component contained in a pot;
a selection device of at least one active component in its capsule;
means of detection of the said identification code;
an interface configured to collect personalised data related to a user; and;
a data processing device configured to process the personalised data using an algorithm to output instructions for manufacturing a custom product, the instructions comprising:
an identity of at least one encapsulated active component to be included in the custom product, and
a quantity of at least one component to be included in the custom product, wherein the active components that are in capsules are loaded into the selection device in one or more individual capsules, wherein the number and identity of each capsule are determined on the basis of the personalised data.