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Temperature vacuum swing adsorption process suited for carbon capture to regenerate sorbents using the CO2 product gas as the heat transfer medium
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1. A method of performing direct air capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide (CO2), the method comprising:
drawing an air stream through a dehumidifier to remove a portion of humidity from the air stream which results in a relatively dry air stream;
providing the relatively dry air stream through a reactor to remove the remaining humidity and the CO2 from the relatively dry air stream which results in a dry purified air stream;
applying a vacuum to the reactor to remove nitrogen from the reactor;
circulating a gas composition comprising at least about 25% by volume of CO2 through a loop comprising the reactor, a heater, a condenser, and a fan;
heating the gas composition with the heater to a desorption temperature sufficient to desorb CO2 and water from the reactor;
condensing and collecting the desorbed water as the gas composition circulates through the condenser which results in a dry CO2 product stream;
applying a vacuum to the loop to remove the dry CO2 product stream; and
collecting the dry CO2 product stream.