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Utilizing a mechanical seal between a filter media and an endcap of a rotating filter cartridge
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1. A rotating filter cartridge comprising:
a first endcap defining an inner circumferential lip and an outer circumferential lip;
a second endcap;
a body secured to the first endcap and the second endcap and engaged with one of the inner circumferential lip or the outer circumferential lip; and
filter media positioned between the first endcap and the second endcap, the filter media creating a mechanical seal between (i) at least one of the first endcap or the second endcap, and (ii) the filter media during rotation of the rotating filter cartridge without the use of a potting material, wherein one of the inner circumferential lip or the outer circumferential lip, and the body, forms a pocket that radially pinches the filter media to form the mechanical seal.