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Rotary disk filter
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1. A rotary disk filter comprising:
a central pipe that elongates along a longitudinal axis;
a plurality of filter disks, each filter disk spaced apart along the longitudinal axis from each other filter disk, each filter disk connected to the central pipe;
wherein each filter disk includes a plurality of filter modules, wherein the filter modules in the plurality of filter modules of each filter disk are arranged adjacent to one another in the circumferential direction of the central pipe;
wherein each filter module includes a base frame disposed between two filter elements, wherein each of the two filter elements is connected to the base frame to delimit a cavity for accommodating liquid to be filtered, wherein the cavity is fluidically connected to the central pipe for fluid exchange between the cavity and the central pipe;
wherein each filter element includes a filter frame and a filter surface connected to the filter frame, wherein each of the two filter frames is detachably connected to a respective opposite side of the base frame in a manner rendering the filter elements selectively removable from the base frame and replaceable with new filter elements;
wherein each filter module is fixed at the central pipe with the aid of a threaded spindle independently of the remaining filter modules, wherein the threaded spindle extends through the filter module in the radial direction with respect to the central pipe; and
a plurality of connecting elements that connect in a form-locking manner the respective base frame of each respective filter module with the respective filter frames of the respective filter module, wherein the plurality of connecting elements limit or prevent a relative motion between the respective filter frames and the respective base frame of the respective filter module in the direction of the longitudinal extension of the respective threaded spindle of the respective filter module.