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Senna obtusifolia seed extract and a method for comprehensive development and utilization of Senna obtusifolia seeds
Sujing Gu, Luohe (CN); Ziheng Jin, Luohe (CN); Yanjun Wen, Luohe (CN); and Linzheng Li, Luohe (CN)
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1. A method of preparing a Senna obtusifolia seed extract rich in anthraquinones and a galactomannan extract, comprising the following steps sequentially:
(1) crushing Senna obtusifolia seeds into a Senna obtusifolia seed powder;
(2) extracting the Senna obtusifolia seed powder with 40-85% aqueous ethanol solution, filtering to obtain an extract solution and a residue;
(3) concentrating the extract solution under vacuum to obtain a concentrated extract solution, spray-drying the concentrated extract solution to obtain the Senna obtusifolia seed extract;
(4) extracting the residue with membrane filtered water, conducting a centrifugation to obtain a supernatant;
(5) adding ammonium sulfate and ethanol to the supernatant to form a two-phase aqueous system, collecting a bottom layer of the two-phase aqueous system; and
(6) conducting an ultrafiltration of the bottom layer with a cut-off molecular weight of 50 k-200 k to obtain a galactomannan extract solution, drying the galactomannan extract solution under vacuum to obtain the galactomannan extract.