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Methods and apparatus for distributed gaming over a mobile device
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1. A mobile device for receiving updates during a game, the mobile device comprising:
a communication module for connecting to a network, the communication module having connectivity, wherein the communication module receives a broadcast from a server through the network, including a received data set, wherein the mobile device determines if a trigger event has occurred based on the broadcast, wherein the mobile device records data for ongoing game play if the trigger event occurred, and communicates game results to the server by using the connectivity, wherein the connectivity enables the mobile device to be part of a representative sample of all participants, wherein the game includes discrete game periods and after each discrete game period, performance information based on each discrete game period is received from one or more sampling participants;
a processor coupled to the communication module, the processor for calculating a local data set and for comparing the local data set to the received data set;
a memory coupled to the processor, the memory for storing applications and data, including the local data set and the received data set; and
a display for presenting data.