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Computer program for performing drawing-based security authentication
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1. A non-transitory computer readable medium storing a computer program, wherein when the computer program is executed by one or more processors of a computing device, the computer program performs an operation for user drawing-based security authentication, and the operations comprise:
determining to transmit a first control signal to cause a user terminal to display a first drawing input display, which includes one or more subjects, if a lock display release signal is received from the user terminal;
receiving a first drawing input information inputted in accordance with the first drawing input display from the user terminal; and
determining whether to release the lock display of the user terminal by inputting the received first drawing input information to a drawing evaluation model,
wherein the drawing evaluation model is trained to classify a drawing image from a first user into the same group and classify a drawing image from a second user into different groups using training data comprising a drawing input information of the first user as a target image, another drawing input information of the first user as a target similar image, and a drawing input information of the second user as a target dissimilar image.