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Resolution-based scaling of real-time interactive graphics
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1. A method of controlling a gameplay process, comprising:
at an electronic game server having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors:
receiving, during a game session operating in a current game state, an input event from a game controller located at a remote site, wherein the input event includes a first command generated by a user interaction with the game controller during the game session;
determining a first frame that was displayed at the remote site during the user interaction, wherein the first frame is one of a plurality of output frames sent by the server during the game session prior to the server receiving the input event;
determining a first game state associated with the first frame, wherein the first game state is a game state prior to the current game state;
processing a gameplay output in accordance with (i) the first command, and (ii) the first game state;
rendering a response frame based on the gameplay output; and
transmitting the response frame for display at the remote site.