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Sliding grip resistance exercise device
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1. A fitness device comprising:
a curved bar having first and second horizontal bars and a ventral bar attached transversely thereto;
said first horizontal bar being connected at a first end of said curved bar, said ventral bar connected at a second end of said curved bar and second horizontal bar being between said first and second ends of said curved bar,
said first and second horizontal bar having rubber pegs respectively mounted at each of the lateral ends thereof configured to rest against a door frame;
said ventral bar further comprising:
rubber pegs mounted medially on said ventral bar;
two slots along a length of said ventral bar on each side of said medially mounted pegs; the slots having “T” shaped apertures spaced along said slots, said apertures having a top arm with depending arm extending vertically down, at each lateral end of said top arm;
a locking cap at each lateral end thereof;
said locking caps will have a knob;
said knobs will act independent of said locking caps;
a cavity with two springs housed within said cavity;
said knobs utility will be to twist said springs;
tracks to assist resistance levels will be housed within said cavity;
said springs supported by means for compressing said springs, said means will be placed at the lateral ends of each said spring;
two handgrips, each handgrip movably mounted to a respective slot of said two slots against a bias of a respective spring of said two springs such that the handgrips are configured to travel within the slots on a horizontal plane and are configured to rotate up or down on a vertical plane within said “T” shaped apertures to lock said handgrips in place;
and tracks on a top surface of said ventral bar and bottom surface of said ventral, to stabilize and support movement of handgrips along said ventral bar.