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Ultrasonic surgical instrument with cooling system
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1. An ultrasonic surgical instrument including a blade cooling system, comprising:
a waveguide configured to receive ultrasonic energy from an ultrasonic transducer and transmit the ultrasonic energy along the waveguide, the waveguide defining a cooling conduit having a closed proximal end and an open distal end defining a conduit opening;
a blade extending distally from the waveguide and configured to receive the ultrasonic energy from the waveguide, the blade defining a blade lumen having a closed distal end and an open proximal end defining a blade outlet,
wherein the blade outlet is disposed in fluid communication with the conduit opening to define a closed heat pipe extending between the closed distal end of the blade lumen and the closed proximal end of the cooling conduit, the closed heat pipe configured to facilitate heat transfer from the blade to the waveguide.