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Neural stimulation device
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1. A neurostimulation device comprising:
a plurality of electrodes configured to be placed around at least a portion of a patient head such that each electrode has a plurality of electrical paths through the brain of the patient to at least a subset of the other electrodes; and
a controller configured to selectively control current between sets of opposing electrodes through the patient brain to selectively stimulate a region of interest of the patient brain during a period of time that is less than a neuronal time integrity constant by
providing a first set of electrical current pulses to a first set of opposing electrodes to create a first electric field gradient across the patient brain, and
providing a plurality of additional sets of electrical current pulses to additional sets of opposing electrodes, each offset from the first set of electrodes, to create a plurality of non-uniform electric field gradients across the brain, each partially overlapping with the first electric field gradient, at least one non-uniform electric field gradient having an opposite polarity to the first electric field gradient,
wherein the non-uniform electric field gradients at least partially negate the first electric field gradient such that a first net potential is created in the region of interest in the patient brain that exceeds a predetermined neuron stimulation threshold and a second net potential is created in areas of the patient brain outside the region of interest that is less that the neuron stimulation threshold.