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Low cost syringe with durable and disposable components
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1. A syringe comprising:
a barrel assembly comprising a disposable tubular insert having a distally facing cavity and a reusable outer sleeve, the tubular insert forming a fluid reservoir and having a fluid opening at a distal end thereof, the reusable outer sleeve being detachably received on the tubular insert and having visible scale markings thereon, wherein a proximal portion of the reusable outer sleeve has a proximally facing attachment collar for detachable insertion into and retention by the cavity;
a stopper movably received in the tubular insert for sealing a proximal end of the tubular insert and for displacing fluid into or out of the tubular insert through the fluid opening upon movement of the stopper within the tubular insert; and
a user-operable plunger coupled to the stopper for causing the stopper to move within the tubular insert and thereby displace the fluid into or out of the tubular insert through the fluid opening under the control of the user.