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Systems and methods for automated insulin delivery for diabetes therapy
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1. An ambulatory infusion pump system, comprising:
a pump mechanism configured to facilitate delivery of insulin to a user;
a user interface;
a communications device adapted to receive glucose levels from a continuous glucose monitor; and
a processor functionally linked to the pump mechanism, the user interface and the communications device, the processor configured to:
automatically calculate insulin doses with a closed loop delivery algorithm based on glucose levels received from the continuous glucose monitor;
receive user input through the user interface programming a meal bolus configured to deliver insulin to counteract carbohydrates consumed in a meal;
determine if the meal bolus is programmed within a predetermined time of one or more automatically calculated insulin doses that increased an amount of insulin delivered to the user; and
automatically modify the meal bolus if the meal bolus was programmed within the predetermined time of the automatically calculated insulin dose that increased the amount of insulin delivered to the user.