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Respiratory parameter guided automated IV administration and IV tube clamp activation
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1. An automated fluid administration safety device, comprising:
an impedance-based respiratory volume monitoring device;
at least one external sensor adapted to be placed on a patient and couple the patient to the impedance-based respiratory volume monitoring device, the external sensor adapted to monitor impedance data from the patient, wherein the impedance-based respiratory volume monitoring device converts the monitored impedance data into respiratory volume data;
a fluid delivery system controlled by the respiratory volume monitoring device and coupled to the patient, wherein the fluid delivery system provides fluid to the patient based on changes in the respiratory volume data of the patient; and
a self-medication button coupled to the fluid delivery system and adapted to provide a dose of medication to the patient upon triggering of the button, wherein the self-medication button is deactivated upon the respiratory volume dropping below a first threshold and reactivating upon the respiratory volume exceeding a second threshold.