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Nanoemulsion of iodinated fatty acids for CT imaging
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1. A method of in vivo imaging with Computed Tomography brown and/or beige adipose tissue (BAT) in a subject, comprising a step of administering orally a contrast agent comprising iodinated fatty acids having 4 to 24 carbon atoms and/or esters and/or salts and/or mixtures thereof according to general formula I, and a step of performing a computed tomography imaging:

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
wherein n=2-22;
R1 is H or I, with the provisions that the number of iodine atoms is 1 to 6, and that the iodine atoms are neither geminal nor vicinal;
and where R2 is H, unsaturated or saturated, linear or branched alkyls, alkyls, alkoxyalkyl, hydroxyalkoxyalkyl, polyhydroxyalkyl, hydroxy poly alkyleneoxyalkyl.