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Oral prolonged drug delivery platforms
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1. An oral dosage form of a pH-responsive drug delivery composition, comprising:
a polymer matrix consisting of two layers, the two layers crosslinked to each other, each layer of the two layers comprising crosslinked polymers, the crosslinked polymers derived from chitosan and pectin;
a protease inhibitor; and
an absorption enhancer,
wherein each of the insulin, the protease inhibitor, and the absorption enhancer are entrapped between the two layers of the polymer matrix, within the two layers of the polymer matrix, or entrapped within and between the two layers of the polymer matrix;
wherein the drug delivery composition protects the insulin at an acidic pH; and
wherein the drug delivery composition, at neutral pH, forms a swollen matrix that unrolls and adheres to a mucosal surface and releases the insulin over a period of at least 24 hours.