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Acoustic reflectometry device in catheters
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1. A method for use of acoustic reflectometry in nasogastric enteral access devices, the method comprising:
inserting a distal end of a nasogastric enteral access device through a naris a distance into a body;
emitting sound waves from a sound generator into a proximal end of the nasogastric enteral access device;
detecting timings of returning acoustic reflections with at least one sound receiver, the acoustic reflections including an acoustic reflection of a deformation in a wall of the nasogastric enteral access device from an esophageal sphincter; and
using a reflectometry device having at least one processor and a memory that is accessible to the processor for analyzing timings of the returning acoustic reflections, including the acoustic reflection from the deformation in the wall, to determine the distance the distal end of the nasogastric enteral access device is inserted into the body.