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Method and apparatus for upgrading a patient support apparatus to include an integrated patient therapy device
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1. A therapy system comprising
a patient support apparatus, the patient support apparatus including
a frame,
a patient support surface supported on the frame,
a main controller electrically coupled to a user interface,
an air system supported on the frame, the air system including
a source of pressurized air,
an outlet coupled to the source of pressurized air, and
an air system controller in communication with the user interface, the source of pressurized air, and the outlet, the air system controller including
a processor, and
a memory device,
a pneumatic therapy device,
a port removeably pneumatically coupling the pneumatic therapy device and the outlet, and
a storage structure for storing a portion of the pneumatic therapy device when the pneumatic therapy device is not in use,
wherein the port detects a coupling of the pneumatic therapy device and communicates a signal of the coupling to the main controller, the main controller receives the signal, and communicates the signal to the air system controller, and wherein the memory device includes instructions, that, when executed by the processor, causes the air system controller to automatically initiate a pre-programmed therapy using the pneumatic therapy device, and wherein the main controller communicates the signal to the user interface to allow a user to control operation of the pneumatic therapy device from the user interface.