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Wheelchair harness
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1. A posture assistance device, comprising:
a motor coupled to a frame, wherein the frame is configured to be attached to a wheelchair;
a shaft coupled to the motor, wherein the motor is configured to rotate the shaft;
an extension arm attached to the frame, the extension arm comprising:
a redirection surface, wherein the extension arm is selectively adjustable to change an overall length of the extension arm between the redirection surface and the shaft;
a connection line coupled to the shaft and configured to engage with the redirection surface, such that rotation of the shaft changes a length a fed-out portion of the connection line; and
an attachment mechanism configured to couple the connection line to a user;
wherein the extension arm comprises an adjustable rail, the redirection surface being disposed on the adjustable rail;
wherein the extension arm further comprises an attachment rail, the attachment rail being attached to the frame, and the adjustable rail being selectively adjustable with respect to the attachment rail; and
wherein the attachment rail comprises a plurality of first holes each configured to receive a pin, and the adjustable rail comprises a plurality of second holes each configured to receive the pin, wherein the pin simultaneously inserts in one of the plurality of first holes and one of the plurality of second holes.