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Standalone anterior lumber interbody spacer
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1. A modular interbody spacer for placement between adjacent vertebrae comprising:
a spacer body selected from a group of interchangeable spacer bodies having upper and lower vertebrae engagement surfaces and a proximal end having a vertical slot from the upper surface with a bore or hole;
a spring loaded lock tab and a spring slidable within the bore or hole; and
a fixation plate selected from a group of interchangeable fixation plates having upper and lower bone vertebrae surfaces and a distal end coupled to the proximal end of the spacer body, the fixation plate incudes:
one or more fastener holes on a proximal end sized to receive a bone engagement fastener to attach the fixation plate to:
the vertebra above or below the spacer body, or
both the vertebra above and below the spacer body; and
a protrusion on the distal end configured to slidably insert in the vertical slot in a vertical direction,
a first portion of the protrusion is configured to compress the spring loaded lock tab during insertion, and
a second portion of the protrusion is configured to lock the spring loaded lock tab when the fixation plate and spacer body are completely joined.