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Hybrid heart valves
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1. A hybrid prosthetic heart valve having an inflow end and an outflow end, comprising:
a valve member including a fabric-covered undulating wireform with alternating cusps and commissures supporting a plurality of flexible leaflets configured to regulate one-way blood flow therethrough, the valve member having no additional structural bands; and
a fabric-covered expandable inflow stent frame having a radially-expandable inflow end and an outflow end that undulates with peaks and valleys corresponding to an inflow end of the wireform, the stent frame being attached to and projecting in an inflow direction from an inflow end of the wireform; and
a plurality of separate commissure posts connected to the outflow end of the stent frame and projecting axially therefrom so as to be located radially outward from the wireform commissures, wherein the flexible leaflets pass radially outward through the wireform commissures and attach to the commissure posts, wherein the commissure posts are secured directly on top of and in alignment with the stent frame outflow end, each commissure post having a contoured lower ledge that matches a contour of one of the peaks in the undulating outflow end of the stent frame.