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Connective tissue to bone interface scaffolds
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1. A method of repairing an enthesis, the method comprising:
removing a region of a cortical layer of a bone to expose a marrow material in an attachment region;
anchoring one or more suture to the bone;
securing a graft that is flexible, compressible and compliant to the attachment region, the graft having a length, a width and a thickness, wherein the thickness is less than half the length and half the width, the graft further comprising: a first layer of demineralized bone and a second layer of mineralized bone that is continuously adjacent to the first layer, wherein the second layer has a thickness that is less than 1.5 mm, further wherein securing the graft to the attachment region comprises securing the second layer of the graft in contact with the marrow material, wherein the second layer compliantly conforms to the attachment region; and
suturing a tendon against the first layer using the one or more sutures.