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Methods, systems and accessories useful for procedures relating to dental implants
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1. A non-transitory computing device readable medium storing instructions executable by a processor to cause a computing device to perform a method, the method comprising:
receiving, from a scan of an intraoral cavity of a patient, a first virtual model representing the intra-oral cavity of the patient including a dental implant, wherein a location and orientation of the dental implant is determinable with respect to the first virtual model;
receiving a second virtual model representative of a physical analog of the dental implant;
aligning the second virtual model with the dental implant of the first virtual model;
generating a third virtual model by virtually combining portions of the aligned first virtual model and the second virtual model,
wherein the third virtual model comprises an outer virtual surface representative of dental tissues that are exposed in the intra-oral cavity, and an inner virtual surface representative of a cavity for receiving and retaining a portion of the second virtual model; and
manufacturing a physical model based on the third virtual model, the physical model having an outer model surface corresponding to the outer virtual surface of the third virtual model and a cavity with an internal surface corresponding to the inner virtual surface,
wherein the physical model is manufactured such that the physical analog can be inserted in a friction fit to assume a position and orientation that is fixed in 6 degrees of freedom with respect to the physical model and corresponding to the location and orientation of the dental implant in the intra-oral cavity of the patient.