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Method for determining and visualizing tooth movements and planned instances of tooth repositioning
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1. A method for representing a change in a tooth position in a jaw, the method comprising:
creating a volume data record of an initial position of a plurality of teeth in a maxilla or in a mandible;
ascertaining teeth boundaries from the volume data record;
creating a surface data record following a real change or a virtual change in the tooth position, the surface data record comprising at least one of surface data of the teeth and at least parts of the volume data record comprising the jaw in an altered tooth position;
referencing the surface data record with the volume data record via a reference structure existing in the surface data record, the reference structure not being affected by the change in the tooth position;
after the referencing of the surface data record, transforming the change in the tooth position in the volume data record via a first calculation to align the teeth boundaries ascertained from the volume data record with the surface data of corresponding teeth from the surface data record so that tooth structures contained in the volume data record and concealed under a surface are moved via the first calculation; and
outputting an altered volume record for representation purposes, the altered volume record comprising the change in the tooth position ascertained by the first calculation.