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Surgical instrument apparatus, actuator, and drive
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1. A surgical instrument apparatus for performing a surgical procedure within a body cavity of a patient, the apparatus comprising:
an elongate manipulator having a distal end configured to support an end effector and including a plurality of control links extending through the manipulator and operatively engaged with the end effector, the manipulator defining a longitudinal axis; and
an actuator chassis disposed at a proximal end of the manipulator, wherein the actuator chassis is substantially cylindrically shaped, the actuator chassis including a plurality of actuators slidingly mounted within the actuator chassis and configured to move linearly in a direction aligned with the longitudinal axis, each actuator being coupled to at least one of the plurality of control links, the actuators being adjacently radially arranged about a periphery of the actuator chassis, each actuator including an outwardly oriented portion configured to cause movement of the control link.