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Surgery supporting apparatus capable of measuring the movement of a medical instrument, control method of the same, and surgery supporting system
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1. A surgery supporting apparatus for performing a manipulation using a first surgical instrument configured to be inserted into a body cavity through a sheath tube configured to be inserted into the body cavity at an insertion position, the apparatus comprising:
a measurement device configured to measure an insertion depth and an insertion angle, with respect to the body cavity, of a shaft of the first surgical instrument,
wherein the measurement device includes a transmitter that is configured to be attached to one of the first surgical instrument and the sheath tube, and a receiver that is configured to be attached to the other of the first surgical instrument and the sheath tube,
the measurement device measures the insertion depth by measuring a sound wave propagating in a space between the transmitter and the receiver, and
the manipulation is performed based on the insertion depth and the insertion angle measured by the measurement device.