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Passive dissection features for ultrasonic surgical instrument
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1. A surgical instrument, comprising:
(a) an acoustic waveguide; and
(b) an end effector, including:
(i) an ultrasonic blade in acoustic communication with the acoustic waveguide and distally extending from the acoustic waveguide,
(ii) a clamp arm having a first tine with a first grasping surface extending along a first plane, wherein the clamp arm is configured to selectively move toward the ultrasonic blade from an open configuration for receiving a tissue to a closed configuration for compressing the tissue, and
(iii) a blade guard positioned such that the ultrasonic blade is transversely between the blade guard and the clamp arm, wherein the blade guard includes:
(A) a second tine having a second grasping surface extending along a second plane, and
(B) a longitudinally extending arm defining a pathway such that the ultrasonic blade is received at least partially within the pathway, wherein at least a portion of the ultrasonic blade is positioned transversely below the second plane of the second grasping surface in the closed configuration, wherein the second tine is distally positioned relative to the longitudinally extending arm.