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Surgical instruments with sled location detection and adjustment features
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1. A surgical stapling instrument for use with a staple cartridge including a sled and staples, the surgical stapling instrument comprising:
a firing system, comprising:
a motor; and
a driving member operably coupled to the motor, wherein the motor is configured to cause the driving member to advance the sled to deploy the staples into tissue grasped by the surgical stapling instrument, and wherein the driving member is movable by the motor along a predefined firing path;
a control circuit configured to:
detect a location of the sled along the firing path;
adjust a motor control program based on the location of the sled;
wherein the firing path comprises:
a first segment defining acceptable initial sled-contact locations; and
a second segment defining acceptable initial staple-contact locations;
wherein the control circuit is configured to detect an initial staple contact with the firing system by monitoring a parameter indicative of an electrical load of the motor; and
wherein a failure to detect the initial staple contact in the second segment causes the control circuit to stop the motor.