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Apparatus and method for retracting brain tissue during brain surgery
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1. A method of performing brain surgery on a patient having a skull and brain tissue, comprising:
(a) creating an opening, having a rim, in said skull:
(b) providing an assembly for facilitating brain surgery, said assembly including:
(i) a curved frame, defining an inward dimension and an outward dimension and defining an interior area substantially larger than that defined by said opening in said skull;
(ii) a plurality of spatula arm subassemblies, each including a spatula arm frame clamp, releasably attached to said frame, a spatula arm held and supported by said spatula arm frame clamp and a spatula extending from an inward end of said spatula arm;
(iii) at least one clamp arm subassembly, attached to said frame, including a clamp arm frame clamp, releasably attached to said frame; a clamp arm having a longitudinal dimension, releasably held and supported by said clamp arm frame clamp, and adjustable in position relative to said clamp arm frame clamp along said longitudinal dimension; and a skull clamp, supported by said clamp arm, and adapted to clamp onto said rim; and
(iv) said skull clamp including a head and a tongue, extending downward from said head, and wherein said head defines a through hole, and wherein a bolt is engaged to said through hole and with said tongue, so that when said bolt is tightened said tongue is lifted toward said head, thereby clamping any interposed element between said tongue and said head
(c) clamping said assembly to said rim by means of said clamp arm subassemblies;
(d) positioning said spatula arms so that the spatulas engage said brain tissue in a manner that facilitates surgery, by gently restraining brain tissue to permit access to a target surgical location.