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Needle assembly with flexible catheter nose for diagnostic sampling of fluid
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1. A safety needle assembly, comprising:
an insertion needle having a sharpened distal tip;
a needle hub operably coupled to the insertion needle, and including structure defining a flash chamber sealed at one end by a gas permeable flash plug;
a catheter including a catheter hub;
a needle guard slidably coupled to the needle hub, the needle guard comprising a distal portion having a nose adapted to receive the catheter hub and a deformable fluid collection reservoir including an outer seal, and a proximal portion defining a push feature,
wherein the needle guard is movable relative to the needle hub between an extended position in which the catheter hub is operably coupled to the needle guard, and one or more retracted positions in which the catheter hub is released from the needle guard, and
wherein in the one or more retracted positions the push feature is engageable with the flash plug to urge bodily fluid captured within the flash chamber into the deformable fluid collection reservoir, whereupon the bodily fluid is accessible by applying an external pressure to the deformable fluid collection reservoir, so as to deform the deformable fluid collection reservoir and open the outer seal for expression of the bodily fluid therein.