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Active steering for intracardiac echocardiography catheters
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1. A medical ultrasound system for intra-cardiac echocardiography, the system comprising:
an intra-cardiac echocardiography catheter having a tip, a handle, steering wires, and an ultrasound transducer array; and
a plurality of motors connected without gearing to the steering wires of the intra-cardiac echocardiography catheter, the motors being in the handle of the intra-cardiac echocardiography catheter; wherein ends of the steering wires connect with sliders configured to slide longitudinally in the handle, shafts of the motors connected with the sliders where the motors are configured to move the shafts longitudinally, which moves the sliders longitudinally, which applies push or pull force to the steering wires,
wherein the handle comprises a steering wire housing part connected to the intra-cardiac echocardiography catheter and a motor housing part connected to a power cable and housing the motors, the steering wire housing part releasable from the motor housing part,
wherein the motor housing part is configured to operate with different steering wire housing parts, the steering wire housing parts being disposable and the motor housing part being reusable.