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Surgical guidance system with low interference metal support structure
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1. A system for guiding a medical instrument to a target location inside a human body, the system comprising:
a non-conductive separation structure positionable on an operating room table, wherein the non-conductive separation structure comprises a base, a side wall that extends upwardly from the base, the base and side wall together defining a recess, and a cover member pivotably coupled to the side wall and configured to cover the recess when positioned in a closed configuration;
an electromagnetic field generator configured to be accommodated within the recess of the non-conductive separation structure, wherein the non-conductive separation structure and electromagnetic field generator are configured to support a human body when disposed between the human body and the operating room table, the electromagnetic field generator configured to generate an electromagnetic field at least in the space above the electromagnetic field generator, whereby the electromagnetic field extends through a torso of the human body positioned over the electromagnetic field generator;
a medical instrument configured to be positioned in a region of the torso;
a position information component carried by the medical instrument, the position information component configured to interact with the electromagnetic field to generate medical instrument positional information; and
a computing device configured to generate a graphic representation indicating a position of the medical instrument based on the medical instrument position information, wherein the graphic representation comprises an avatar of the medical instrument to be displayed on one or more display devices.