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In-body image capturing device and in-body monitoring camera system
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1. A method of manufacturing an in-body image capturing device, the method comprising:
providing an image capturing unit that includes a lens and an illumination unit, the in-body image capturing device being capable of being introduced into a body;
integrally molding a casing with a light-transmitting body and a light shielding body by fitting, in an interior of a die of a whole of the casing, the light shielding body that has been molded in advance and pouring a transparent resin into gaps in the die, or by, in one molding machine, pouring a black resin into an interior of a die of the light shielding body, hardening the black resin, setting, in a die of a whole of the casing, the black resin thus hardened, and pouring the transparent resin into the die of the whole of the casing; and
housing the image capturing unit and the illumination unit in the casing, wherein
the light-transmitting body includes an illumination cover portion that covers the illumination unit and a lens cover portion that covers the lens, and
the light shielding body includes a lens surrounding portion that surrounds the lens.