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1. An endoscope comprising:
an operation section provided with an operating member;
an insertion section that is provided on a distal end side of the operation section and that is inserted into a subject;
a treatment tool erecting base provided at a distal end part of the insertion section;
a movable member that is arranged to be exposed to outside of the operation section and that moves in association with an operation of the operating member;
a treatment tool channel that is provided in the insertion section;
an erecting operation wire that is coupled to the treatment tool erecting base at a distal end side thereof, that is coupled to the movable member at a proximal end side thereof, and that is pushed/pulled in accordance with a movement of the movable member to move the treatment tool erecting base;
an attachment member that is provided at a proximal end of the erecting operation wire and that is engaged with the movable member in an attachable/detachable manner;
an interference prevention section that is provided at a position of the operation section on a proximal end side with respect to the movable member; and
a guide wire locking device that is configured to fix a guide wire to be inserted into the treatment tool channel, and that is provided on the proximal end side of the operation section with respect to the interference prevention section,
wherein the interference prevention section prevents the guide wire locking device from interfering with the movable member.