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Handheld vacuum cleaner
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1. A handheld vacuum cleaner comprising:
a housing having a front end, a back end, a top side, a bottom side, a first side, and a second side;
a handle, the handle including an end and a longitudinal axis that extends through the end of the handle;
a suction nozzle located at the front end of the housing, the suction nozzle extends in a direction from the front end toward the back end;
a cyclonic separator having a longitudinal axis;
a clean air exhaust;
a suction source located in the housing, the suction source including a motor and a fan, the motor operable to rotate the fan about a motor axis that extends in a direction from the first side toward the second side, the suction source operable to generate an airflow through the vacuum cleaner from the suction nozzle through the cyclonic separator to rotate the airflow about the longitudinal axis of the cyclonic separator and to the clean air exhaust; and
a battery that supplies power to the suction source, the battery located adjacent the end of the handle; and
wherein the battery extends between the end of the handle and the suction source.