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Adapter for vacuum cleaner assembly
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1. A vacuum cleaner assembly comprising:
an upright vacuum cleaner including an upright frame having an engagement end, a cleaning head, a first suction motor, and a first dirt cup, wherein the first suction motor is operable to create suction to draw air and dirt through the cleaning head and into the first dirt cup;
an adapter connected to the engagement end, the adapter including a projection opposite the engagement end; and
a handheld vacuum cleaner including
a second suction motor,
a second dirt cup, and
an elongate member having a nozzle end that forms a dirty air inlet,
wherein an airflow pathway fluidly connects the dirty air inlet, the second suction motor, and the second dirt cup, and
wherein at least a portion of the projection is removably received in the dirty air inlet that is formed by the nozzle end to removably couple the handheld vacuum cleaner to the upright vacuum cleaner.