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Insulated food and beverage container
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1. An insert container for use within an outer vessel, comprising:
a glass container having:
a body defining a hollow interior between a closed end and an open end; and
a sipping portion extending from the open end and having a shoulder end and a sipping end; and
a deformable retaining flange secured to an outer surface of the body and configured to removably retain the glass container within the outer vessel;
wherein the shoulder end is configured to be seated atop a rim of an open end of the outer vessel; and
wherein the deformable retaining flange comprises:
a deformable main body conforming to and fit securely around a circumference of the outer surface of the body of the glass container; and
a plurality of flexible protrusions extending outward from an exterior of the deformable main body and configured to engage an inner surface of the outer vessel to provide for a friction fit and removable retention of the glass container within the outer vessel, the flexible protrusions of the deformable retaining flange having an outer diameter being greater than an inner diameter of the outer vessel.