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Electrical cord receiving anti-fatigue mat assembly and method
Arnold Hendrickson, Farmington, MN (US)
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1. An anti-fatigue mat assembly comprising:
a panel having a top side, a bottom side and a perimeter edge, the panel being comprised of a resiliently compressible material; and
the bottom side having a trough therein, the trough having a pair of ends each comprising an opening extending through the perimeter edge, the trough being configured to receive an electrical cord such that the bottom side abuts and is flush with a floor surface when the electrical cord is positioned within the trough and extends through each of the openings, the trough having a depth and width each being greater than 0.40 inches, wherein the trough extends along a straight line, the trough terminating with a pair of openings extending through the perimeter edge, the trough having a cross sectional shape perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the trough having a hemispherical surface extending between parallel side surfaces.