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Cooling and hydrating containers and methods of use
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1. A container to be worn by a user, said container comprising:
a hollow body having a shape that substantially matches a profile silhouette of modern military body armor, the hollow body having a front portion, back portion, top portion and bottom portion integrally formed from a same material, the front portion being connected to the back portion by first and second side walls formed between the top and bottom portions, said body having a first port formed out of the bottom portion at a point where a bottom wall of the bottom portion connects to the first side wall and being formed from the same material as the body, said body being adapted to contain a substance for providing thermal regulation to a user's body when the container is adjacent the user's body and for providing hydration when consumed by the user through the first port, the bottom wall extending from a connection to the second side wall and sloping towards the point where the bottom wall connects to the first side wall to facilitate drainage through the first port at a lowest point of the container while being worn; and
an attachment mechanism, said mechanism configured to maintain the hollow body in contact with the user's body or clothing such that the substance within the hollow body provides the thermal regulation to the user's body,
wherein the front and back portions and the first and second side walls are curved in a same direction between the top and bottom portions providing the container body with a concave contour to facilitate contour matching of the user's body, the first side wall comprising a first upper side wall and a first lower side wall and the second side wall comprising a second upper side wall and a second lower side wall, the first and second upper side walls converge towards each other in an upwards direction of the container, the first and second lower side walls are joined to the first and second opposite upper side walls, respectively, and extend parallel to each other.