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Beauty tool
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1. A beauty tool, comprising a cover made from a fishnet material and a hollow body enclosed within the cover, wherein the hollow body includes an opening or valve for a user to adjust an interior pressure of the body with a gas, liquid, or fluid to adjust the firmness, size, or shape of the body for various uses including cleansing, exfoliation, make-up application, or make-up removal, wherein the cover is configured to enclose the body in the various uses in a manner such that the cover substantially and tightly conforms to the shape of the body that allows the selected cleansing, exfoliation, make-up application, or make-up removal result, wherein the cover includes an opening configured to allow removal of the cover from the hollow body, and wherein the cover is made from a material configured for cleansing, exfoliation, and/or massaging a keratinous material without damaging the keratinous material.